What are the safest places to travel?

Following the recent attacks in Paris and the security lockdown in Brussels many people might choose to stay home rather than travelling

With Paris being attacked by terrorists, US issuing a travel alert and Brussels being under a security lockdown amid a manhunt for one of the suspected attackers responsible for the Paris attacks, many people might choose to stay home rather than travelling.

According to data from the Global Terrorism Index, though, show that 97% of terror attacks in the last 15 years have occurred in non-Western countries, as Independent reports.


Iceland is on the top on the list of the safest countries in the world followed by Denmark and Austria, based on data from Global Peace Index which takes into consideration security at home, militarisation and involvement in domestic and international conflict.

However, after the worldwide travel alert issued by US on Monday which urges its citizens to be careful when they travel warning them of possible terror attacks, the list of the safest countries became much shorter.


So, is there a safe place to go for vacation?