“What if Turkey sinks a Greek ship?” wonders Turkish newspaper in provocative headline!

Pro-Erdogan newspaper “Yeni Safak” explores war scenarios

Only a day after the serious incident over the Isle of Ro when Greek soldiers fired warning shots in the air at a Turkish helicopter, Turkish pro-government newspaper “Yeni Safak” used a provocative main headline reading “If a Greek ship was hit and sunk”. Analysing a hypothetical war scenario, the author of the article entitled “If a Greek ship was hit and sunk”, examined the prospect of a possible false flag in the Aegean Sea in order for the Erdogan government to be blamed. The writer says that as tensions in the Aegean Sea rise between the two countries so does the possibility of an “accident”. He explores the prospect of the Turkish navy sinking a Greek missile boat or ship, which would result in all EU countries and the US forming a common alliance against Turkey.