Where corruption is rampant – Where is Greece on the global chart? (infographic)

Australia recorded a drop

Greece was among the few countries that recorded significant improvement related to corruption, Transparency International said.

With a score of 53, Italy increased by 11 points since 2012 while Greece (48) increased by 12 points during the same period. Both countries experienced concrete improvements, including legislative progress in Italy with the passage of anti-corruption laws and the creation of an anti-corruption agency in both countries.

Transparency International released its 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index last week with the organisation stating that despite anti-corruption movements gaining momentum around the world last year, a staggering number of countries have shown little to no improvement in tackling the problem.

The index ranks 180 countries and territories on perceived public sector corruption with 0 meaning “highly corrupt” and 100 meaning “very clean”. This time around, more than two-thirds of countries scored 50 or below which means they have serious problems preventing foul play in their public sectors. The average global score was 43.

Denmark and New Zealand came joint-first with a score of 87 followed by Finland, Singapore and Sweden. Somalia was rock bottom of the index with a score of just 9, followed by South Sudan and Syria with 12 and 13 respectively. Transparency International said that only 22 countries saw a significant improvement in their scores over the past eight years including Greece, Guyana, and Estonia. During the same time frame, 21 countries recorded a significant decrease with Canada, Nicaragua, and Australia among their ranks. The U.S. had a disappointing score of 69 this year, its worst score in eight years.

source statista

Infographic: Where Corruption Is Rampant | Statista

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