Where is WHAM!’s Andrew Ridgeley now?

A quiet life

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were the two artists that became known as the band WHAM! The story is more or less known. Especially for George Michael it could be argued that his life was movie material.


But what happened to Andrew Ridgeley after WHAM! disbanded in 1986, and where is he now?




Andrew made an attempt to start a solo career and in 1990 he released the album “Son of Albert” with no significant success. Later on he tried acting as well as racing.


He now lives a comfortable life in Wadebridge, Cornwall, UK with his wife Keren Woodward, a member of the group Bananarama.




One of the things he loves immensely is cycling.


As natural George Michael’s death devastated him and he expressed his feelings with many tweets on his account.