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Where will Greeks and foreigners travel for their Easter break (photos)

Greeks chose domestic destinations for Easter

Greek prefer domestic destinations for their Easter holiday breaks, according to travel search engine “Trivago.gr”. Corfu, Rome and Monemvsasia are their top 3 picks for this year’s Easter holidays, with Rome falling from top spot after three years in a row. Last year 8 from 10 Easter holiday destinations were in foreign countries, a trend that has reversed this year, as Greeks chose 5 out of 10 destinations at home.


Only Corfu and Nafplio were in the Greeks’ top ten preferences last year, in comparison to this year’s list where Monemvasia, Santorini and Ioannina also made the list. Paris came in 4th, London 5th with Amsterdam and Venice making up the list. Overall the average costs for the season’s holidays recorded a rise.


Rome went up by 26%, London by 23% and Nafplio was up by 11%. Greeks choose to stay at 4 star hotels (34%) with 3 star preferences coming in second with 28%. The average stay in Corfu, Santorini, Nafplio and Monemvasia is 3 days, while 4 days was the average stay in Rome, Paris, London and Amsterdam.



When it comes to inbound tourism for the period, 7 from 10 nationalities that chose Greece searched Athens as their destination, with the French and Italians taking the top two spots.


Swedes, Romanians and Austrians followed. Serbs, who chose Thessaloniki were fifth overall. The data from the survey were collected between January 19 and March 11.


Stefania Souki

  • renns

    with salaries of 500 -800 euros ? they still can pay for expenssive trips ? how come ?? with wich money

    • themanews

      Obviously we are not talking about the people that earn 500-800 Euros… We are talking about the minority that can actually afford it.
      Also, the all inclusive offers from travel agencies are quite cheep and we are talking for no more than 3-4 days at the most.

      • renns

        quite cheap ? have you seen the prices in the Greek agencies or you just assume ? not competitive offers for Greece, same for hotels prices… have you seen how much cost a plane ticket to go to roma from athens ? not competitive at all … here the answer : some Greeks : using parents money and pensions to have luxury cars and keep their fake dream lifestyle that they were never able to pay for according to their revenues or their productivity.

        • themanews

          Like I said we are not talking about the majority, unfortunately. But some people can afford it.
          If your argument is that ALL Greeks are “using parents money and pensions to have luxury cars and keep their fake dream lifestyle that they were never able to pay for according to their revenues or their productivity”, then I don’t think I want to talk with you anymore, as I am trying to be polite.

          • Renns

            Well be polite and most important have some arguments to present.
            one very important rule in life to avoid issues is to spend according to your revenues, you spend what you produce .. i dont think this rule was ever understood in Greece.
            i know the salaries..i know the job market and i know the mentalities.. i repeat it yes as i saw it many times : spending parents money to keep a certain lifestyle..a fake..irrealistic standard of living > parents money : pay for cars..give appartments, give and give … this is why nobody in this country is moving or revolting…
            majority of young adults in Kifiisia, kolonaki, glyfada..and many more suburbs ,,,just pretends..with money they dont have or don’t produce.. 40 years old and still living with parents money and houses pretending to afford Jeeps, fake watches and trips abroads… no wonder then why you don’t know how to manage and balance a budget.

          • themanews

            It is much more complicated than this. Also Greece is not only Kifiisia, Kolonaki, Glyfada and such unfair generalizations don’t help anyone get the real picture. The reason behind this crisis are partly as you describe them, but there is so much more to it than that and unfortunately they can not be analyzed here.

          • Renns

            when you try to be what you are not…to spend more than you produce…to use parents money to look ”rich” to pay for trips than you cannot aford..then come problems… budget balance, budget management..