“YGEIA” Hospital sold for €281 million

Proto Thema’s report confirmed

One day after Alexandros Kassimatis’s revealing report on “Proto Thema” on the sale of all the companies owned by MIG, developments are coming to confirm the report. Marfin Investment Group informed the investing public that it has received a binding bid to acquire its entire stake in the “YGEIA” Group from the newly established HELLENIC HEALTHCARE, behind which is the CVC Partners Fund. A bid that the Executive Board and the Board of Directors of MIG unanimously considered satisfactory and decided to give HELLENIC HEALTHCARE an exclusivity period to complete the agreement by 30/6/2018.

According to the announcement, the company that has already acquired the Metropolitan and IASO hospitals offers EUR 0.92 per share held by MIG. This means that the total price exceeds € 197.9 million, since it is 70.38% of the share capital of YGEIA. This is an offer the Group is valuing as a whole at € 281.27 million.

In addition, MIG has been offered the right to acquire up to 10% of HELLENIC HEALTHCARE S.A.L., which is now one of the leading players in the health sector in Greece.

Following the announcement of the binding offer, both the YGEIA and MIG shares recorded a rally in the morning that exceeded 7%.