Young couple create Armiriki, new brand amid capital controls (vid)

A risk that is paying off

Armiriki is a small artistic Greek brand created by a young couple from Greece, Christina Katopodi and Konstantinos Kouvaras, born through their will to travel modern Greece around the world. Their main challenge was the threat of Greece’s bankruptcy and the imposed capital controls that have created the total opposite of an ideal environment to get started. Nevertheless, they didn’t give up and through commitment and belief in their idea, they moved forward accompanied by their co-players.

What is Armiriki?

    • An open platform for creatives from Greece
    • Giving an opportunity for expression
    • Offering a new view-point on modern Greece
    • T-shirt as canvas
    • Creating a collection of unique tailor-made tees
    • An aesthetic result for each handmade illustrated tee
    • Supporting the Greek local industr