Zakynthos is burning for a second day (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

76(!) Fires in Zakynthos since the start of the fire season…

The fire continued in Zakynthos all through Saturday and threatened the villages of Anafonitria and Maries. On Sunday morning the Fire Brigade officers spoke of an improved image on the fire fronts.


The inhabitants of the village of Maries spent a difficult night after the flames burned around their village. At this time, seven fronts of fire have been counted across Zakynthos. The most difficult front is the one in Maries, but no residential areas are threatened.


“The image of the fire in Zakynthos is better now. Great effort is being made to deal with the situation”, the Civilian Secretary General for Civil Protection, Yannis Kapakis, pointed out at the Athenian/Macedonian News Agency.


It is noted that the fire-fighting forces operating in the region have greatly strengthened. In particular there are 96 firefighters with 42 vehicles, a 33-person hiker team, three special fire-fighting equipment and four aircraft and one helicopter currently working in the area.