29 year-old serial rapist convicted to 18 years in prison

He raped women while they were unconscious, in the ER

A male nurse, 29 year-old Andrew Hutchinson, was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for the rape of two unconscious patients, between 2011 and 2013.


The young man, employed in the John Radcliffe hospital of Oxford was arrested and admitted to raping an 18 year-old woman in October 2011, and a 35 year-old on February 2012. Both women were unconscious in the ER. He also pleaded guilty for 27 rape and voyeurism allegations.


The 29 year-old had recorded the rape of both women on tape. The videos were found on his computer, along with hundreds of other indecent photos which he had taken of unconscious women.


The young man was targeted by Police when the latter were informed about his attempt to photograph two girls in a changing room at a local sports center.


The videos and pictures were accompanied by other pictures of voyeurism that the 29 year-old had taken under women’s skirts, as well as indecent children’s photos. Authorities also discovered child pornography on his cellphone.