A truly huge VW Beetle! (video-photos)

What is the story behind it?

In the USA Scott Tapper with his father Richard decided to build a unique 1959 convertible VW Beetle, which has rightly been dubbed the “Huge Bug”.

As its manufacturers explain, the legendary model has been created on the chassis of the 2010 Dodge Ram pick-up, while almost all its parts are new and made by them, even the screws, through a special program on the computer.
In total, the…”swollen” Beetle has 3.514 metal parts, while as you can see from the pictures, its external dimensions are almost double (40%) of the original model.
The engine is of similar dimensions, which has been transferred as it is from the Dodge Magnum. This is the V8 atmospheric Hemi set of 5.7 liters, which delivers 340 hp and 530 Nm of torque combined with an automatic transmission, which is also Dodge.
Finally, the general design philosophy has not changed in the interior, although “modern” accessories have been installed, such as power windows, central locking and heated seats.