Erdogan’s government partner Bahceli: “War with Greece is only a matter of time”

Bahceli: “Greece has been a malignant tumor since 1821 – Legal status of Dodecanese should be reconsidered”

After Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay, the threats of war were taken over by Erdogan’s nationalist government partner, Devlet Bahceli.

The leader of the Nationalist Action Party said that Greece’s plans to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles are a cause of war for Turkey, while Merkel’s invitation to EU countries to support Greece was tantamount to a call for a Crusade and asked that the current status of the Dodecanese to be reconsider.

“Taking into account the geographical, political and other characteristics of the Dodecanese, it will revitalize hopes for peace and stability in the Aegean and compensate for the injustice against our country if their legal status is reconsidered”, said Erdogan’s close ally.

Extension of Greek territorial waters to 12 nautical miles is a Casus Belli

The Casus Belli threat was repeated yet again on Saturday by the leader of the Turkish nationalists, with an insulting statement against Greece.

“It is inconceivable to turn our backs on our historical interests in the Mediterranean and the Aegean. It seems that Greece’s appetite and desire to be thrown into the sea has swelled again”, said Devlet Bahceli, referring to a…new plan by Greece to invade Turkey.

“Greece’s goal is to come again and occupy our lands from where we threw them out 98 years ago. “We are facing a new invasion plan”, he said, which aims to destroy Turkey and its democracy.

“Especially with regard to Greece and the extension of its territorial waters to 12 n.m., it is a cause of war. From now on, the attitude and behavior of Greece will be what will determine whether the increasing tensions will cause bleeding or an abominable confrontation”, he noted.

Devlet Bahceli stressed that a conflict in the Mediterranean and the Aegean is a matter of time.


“Greece and its little supporters, who do not see and are not interested in the serious consequences they will suffer if they play with the nerves of the Turkish nation, are in the middle of a campaign of provocations that will have a very bad ending”, he said, advising Greece to accept international law.

“Merkel declared a Crusade

Devlet Bahceli also attacked Germany, arguing that Merkel’s invitation to EU member states to support Greece was essentially a call for a Crusade.

“Merkel’s invitation to EU countries to support Greece is tantamount to a call for a Crusade,” the MHP leader said.

“Until now, diplomatic contacts, reconciliation efforts, negotiations, meetings and discussion of problems have not yielded any results. The problems between us and Greece have not only not diminished, they have become unresolved. Neither Germany nor the United States has opened the door to reconciliation and mediation between Turkey and Greece so far. The problems between us and Greece cannot be solved”, he said.

“Greece has been a malignant tumor since 1821”

Devlet Bahceli in his message on the occasion of tomorrow’s anniversary of the victory of the Turkish army in Eskisehir under Kemal Ataturk against the Greek forces, also mentioned that since 1821 Greece has become “a malignant tumor that bothers the Turks. This tumor will either be cured (is it possible?) or it will be uprooted and discarded”.

“In Greek psychology, hostility against Turkey and Islam is at an advanced stage”, he said, referring to “pirate fiestas in the Aegean and the Mediterranean by Greece”.

“In the Mediterranean, the two fleets are lined up opposite each other. In fact, those who are clustered in two different blocks and trenches are the ones who are right and the others who are on the wrong side.

“It’s the heroic Turkish nation vs the others”, the MHP leader said provocatively.