American Lysistrata denies husband sex for voting Trump

Husband confesses on Reddit

The recent shock victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections has not only wreaked havoc among communities; it has also affected family life, as evidenced by the story of one disgruntled American husband, who vented his frustration on Reddit at being denied sex by his wife because he cast his ballot in favor of the Republican candidate.

The frustrated husband, who turned to the Reddit community to vent his grief, posted the following comment: “My wife and I usually vote differently from one another.  This time, she was upset that Hillary Clinton didn’t win, but even more so that Trump did.”

Upset by what he considered unfair treatment, the husband described his wife’s behavior as “manipulative,” stressing that sex should not be used as a weapon to get what you want, or withheld as a punishment when you happen to disagree.

The husband’s comments divided the Reddit community, some of whom agreed with the husband that his wife’s punishment was excessive, while others commended his wife for standing up so strongly for her convictions.