Anti-establsihment groups smash window shops in Athens (videos-photo)

Protest against court decision for female activist

A video of a group of extreme anti-establishment activists running amok on Ermou Street, one of Athens’s main shopping areas, was released on anarchist sites. Broken shop windows, shards of broken glass scattered on the street, cardboard “patches” over their windows and looks of despair on shop-owners’ faces was the result of last night’s protests by extreme anti-establishment activists who marched to express their rage against a court decision that rejected an appeal by Irianna, a 29-year-old activist for the suspension of her prison sentence. The activists started breaking windows and spraying paint on walls after they had finished with their march of support for the 29-year-old. The hooded group of individuals descended on Ermou street and attacked the shops uninhibited as there was no police presence. After a while police forces intervened and used tear gas to disperse the group. 14 people were arrested and were taken to police headquarters where they stayed overnight. On Tuesday morning 13 of the detained were released with no charges. Ermou street shopkeepers claimed police were absent last night during the attacks when the vandals started breaking windows, but today their presence was more conspicuous. The Mayor of Athens, George Kaminis said they wanted to cripple the economic activity of the capital. It is a second incident in just a few days after a Greek-Australian tourist with his family were attacked on Sunday by a group of masked individuals for shopping on Sunday.