As fireman fought blaze in Attica, his baby died in flames (video)

Tragic story came to light on Greek TV

As relatives of missing persons from the devastating fires in Attica continue their search to find their loved ones, hoping they are not among the unidentified dead in the morgue, more tragic stories are coming to light.
In one of the most heartbreaking to date, it was revealed that one the first victims of the fire in Mati, a 6-month old baby, which died from inhaling smoke, was the son of a firefighter who was trying to put out the flames. The revelation was made by the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Fire Brigade Employees Federation, Dimitris Stathopoulos on ANT-1 TV’s morning show.

In a trembling voice, Mr Stathopoulos said the firefighter rushed to his service as soon as the fire alarm sounded. Tragically, the fire that he was summoned to aid in putting out was the one that caused the death of his newborn home. The firefighter’s wife is in critical condition in the intensive care unit.