Athens Metro and Electric Urban Railway work stoppages from 9pm today

The workers are demanding better working conditions

The trains of the Athens Metro and the Electric Urban Railway ISAP will not operate tonight due to a stoppage declared by the union of the electric drivers on the two means of fixed transport. In particular, the work stoppage will start at 9 pm and will last until the end of the shift on lines 1,2, and 3 of the Metro and ISAP.

The workers complain that they are forced to work without air conditioners in the drivers’ cabs as they are out of order, while in order for the routes to be covered they have to work on their breaks without days off.

In their announcement, they point out that instead of the management dealing with the existing problems, it compelled the Drivers to follow an exhausting schedule with even more itineraries per person that in order to be covered ‘colleagues must work on their days off.’