Bald men are sexier, science says!

Guys, take out the razor blades and get ready to shave, and save the world!

Are bald men more attractive to women? Yes! Sciences say so, as recent studies have shown that females consider guys with no hair as smarter, more dominant, and just plain sexier!

As men grow they go through many changes, gaining in some areas while losing in some others…including their hair. The loss of hair is called baldness. Most of the men start losing their hair in 20’s and by 40’s half of it is gone, but as this is common in men, it is already established like the norm and is acceptable.

Many men invest a lot of money trying to stop to hair loss or grow them back. Having a beautiful head of hair is a blessing but you don’t need to put your money on fire trying to fight the hair loss. Its okay let them go accept the change, you should. Instead of putting so much money and time trying to stop it, just take a razor and shave it off! There, the new sexy you!

Going bald is the new makeover (as if it is always a choice), and you can actually flaunt it as bald men are perceived as more intelligent, dominant, and overall sexier than men who have a full head of hair claims Dr. Ethan Jones, a researcher from University of Pennsylvania.

In a research conducted by Dr. Jones where he handed photos of different men with different sizes of hair roughly half of which were bald men to women and asked to rate the men based on attractiveness, maturity, aggression, dominance.

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Surprisingly when the data was out it was the bald men that took the ball. Guys with the bald look stand out from the crowd, and appear stronger, taller and just downright powerful! Shaved men look more powerful and masculine and well… hot!

Different women have different taste in men some like them long and punk while some women love the short funky hair… every woman has her different taste but the surprising part of this test was that women who preferred men with hairs also voted the bald men for the masculine yumminess.

Baldness is often considered or looked down upon as negative in our society and I always wondered why! I mean I know we are judgmental beings and are very wrong at that but Bald was always sexy!

I accept that the partial hair doesn’t look so good. And when they comb it, god save the day!

Jones suggests that rather than trying to combat hair loss, a man would be wise to give into it entirely. Shave your balding head, and you will be seen as the virile and powerful superhero that you always knew yourself to be.