Brands Americans cannot “survive” without (infographic)

Your guess about the most popular will most likely be on the mark…

In many consumer products, the US market often sets the trends with the rest of the globe following in their footsteps. But what some of the brands Americans are almost literally attached to?

In the 2019 edition of the Brand Intimacy Study by marketing agency MBLM, Apple and Google were the two companies tied for having most U.S. customers convinced their products were essential for survival. 38 percent of Apple and Google users said they couldn’t live without the company’s products. Amazon, Coca-Cola and Microsoft were the runner-ups.

Among the twelve most revered companies in the 400-brand ranking were an equal amount of service providers, mainly internet and software companies, and manufacturers. While Americans felt most attached to U.S. companies, Japanese car maker Toyota and Swedish streaming service Spotify also made the cut.

Claims that these brands are of vital importance should obviously not be taken at face value – with one exception: Walmart. The food retailer is the only source of fresh fruit and vegetables in some communities.

source: statista