Turkish ship Cesme sails for Aegean Sea again

Its crew has been instructed to conduct surveys around Greek islands

The Turkish survey ship Cesme has sailed for the Aegean sea again on Friday afternoon. At around 14:00 noon Cesme sailed to the search area announced by the illegal Turkish Navtex on February 15th.

Cesme’s crew has instructions from Ankara to conduct hydrographic surveys between Lemnos, Agios Efstratios, and Skyros.

On Thursday morning – due to adverse weather conditions – the Cesme hydrographic survey ship abandoned the research area in the Central Aegean and moored in the port of Izmir. As it turned out, Cesme’s mooring was a tactical move dictated by deteriorating weather conditions.

At noon on Friday, Cesme returned to the Aegean. Around 14:00, it sailed for the sea area off the coast of Lesvos. Based on the speed of the Turkish vessel, it is expected to return to the exploration area after 18:00 in the afternoon.