Priest’s lover admits she was pregnant with his child and stole $30K from the church: Ethel’s letter

The priest and his lover, his wife and her husband, their children, the bishop and the St. Spyridon church community in the US have been affected by the act of a woman sitting on a cake and then running away with $30,000

Ethel Bouzalas, aged 45, admits that sex with Father George Passias was just the tip of the iceberg in the sex scandal that’s rocked the Greek Orthodox Church of the United States to the core. In the latest development, she admits that she helped herself to $30,000 worth of tuition fees paid by the parents of St. Spyridon Parochial School.

The Peruvian mother of three rose to notoriety after she was video-taped wearing stilettos and a g-string before sitting on a banana wrapped in cellophane in an odd fetish known as “cake crushing”. In another clip the married mother of three rubbed her bare feet on the priest’s face stating. “That’s where you belong, right under my feet!”

In her heart-felt soul-stripping letter to Bishop Andonios Paropoulos she confesses that she took the money because she wanted to repay loans made without documentation that the church had borrowed from her husband. She states that Tom Bouzalas loaned “hefty amounts of cash” for school books and payroll. “Tom never gave moneys in check form, always in cash as he deals in real estate and deals with a lot of cash transactions,” she wrote.

She also states that she feels “used” and “hurt” by the kinky priest who got her pregnant. In the e-mail, seen by the NY Post, she states that Passias got her pregnant, and no longer under his spell, she states that she suspects she’s not the first mistress that the married cleric had.

She writes:

“I am not going to dare ask if Father George has done something like this before, although it seems as if… he has. Why should I doubt it?”

“I’ve been left to bare the brunt of the scandal while he has safely hidden himself away. My sister says that I’ve been used and victimized for my money and that I am probably not the first victim who has fallen. I’m hurt like I’ve never been hurt.”

The woman speaks of her predicament and the “downward spiral” she is on, adding that it is difficult to tell her older son, who loves Father George, the truth.
On his part, her husband says that he is “estranged” from his wife but still loves her. He believes that the priest was a cruel manipulator “who suffers from deviant behaviors” and who “mind-fucked” his wife.

A group of St. Spyridon members have sought the District Attorney to investigate the church while Paropoulos has called on Bouzalas to return the money so that she is not accused of stealing along with all the other bad press she has received. The bishop feels confident that she will return the cash this week until an audit of the church ‘s accounts is completed.

Rev. George Passias and Ethel Bouzalas for Sunday