Chief Muslim cleric in Turkey calls for prayer in the Hagia Sophia to appease the “evil” after Covid-19 measures are lifted

Turkish traditions says Mehmet the Conquerer cursed anyone who reverted it from a mosque

The leader of the Muslim clerics association in Turkey has called on the country’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan to allow for Islamic prayer to be held in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul following the lifting of the restrictive measures of the coronavirus.

According to Turkish media reports, Hasan Turut said that day after the lifting of the restrictions in Turkey on Friday should begin with a prayer in the Hagia Sophia, as Mehmet the Conqueror did on the first Friday after the fall of the city in May 29, 1453.

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The chief cleric called for a prayer to Allah in the Hagia Sophia to appease evil, saying there was a “curse” by Mehmet the Conqueror for anyone who tried to change the Hagia Sophia. “When Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Constantinople in 1453, the first Friday after the fall he prayed in Hagia Sophia, turning it into a mosque after 916 years. Mehmet the Conqueror, according to some Ottoman writings, is believed to have said:

“Those who try to turn my mosque into something different will have the curse of Allah, the angels and all Muslims! May they be in a constant and endless struggle! Maybe no one look them in the face or ask Allah to forgive them! “