Coronavirus: 71 new outbreaks in the country, 892 in total, 26 dead, 54 intubated

The average age of the dead is 73 years


According to the official announcements on Thursday afternoon, another four people died in Greece in the last 24 hours with the total now reaching 26 casualties.

The number of cases in Greece reached 892, with another 71 confirmed within a day. The intubated patients are 54.

As for the dead, 21 are men and five are women. The average age of the dead is 73 years.

Referring to the death of a German teacher in Crete, Mr Tsiodras said he had thrombosis in the blood vessels of his lungs associated with the new virus, but this is not a frequent occurrence.

There is no exponential increase thus far and “we do not have the course of Italy”. He stressed, however, that we are at the beginning of the battle.

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