Crete: Video from the clashes between Greeks & Pakistanis

The police arrested 22 Pakistanis and 2 Greeks

Incredible images from a security camera of a fierce clash between Greeks and Pakistanis on Sunday in Tympaki, Crete, in a business yard, are being published by e-kriti.

The situation in Tympaki remains tense after last night’s incidents, the injured remain in the Venizelio hospital while the mayor of Phaistos and residents are urgently asking for immediate measures so that, as they say, we do not have any more victims of violence.

Strong police forces remain in the area as there is a fear of a resurgence while institutions and cultural associations took a stand on what was happening that led to the bloody clash of foreigners and locals.

A total of 24 people were arrested for yesterday’s incidents, 22 Pakistanis and 2 Greeks, as the Greek Police announced.

E-kriti presents a video from the security cameras that was posted on facebook and which shows the serious clashes that continued until dawn.

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According to information from creta-post, it all started at around 8 on Saturday night in Tympaki when the two groups met and started arguing while it was not long before the clashes started. The situation escalated as there was a fierce clash between the two groups while some said they took whatever they could find (metal rods, wooden sticks, etc.) and started beating each other. In fact, they were chasing each other in the streets with the police rushing to the spot and making dozens of arrests.

The reason for all the violence, as creta-post reports, was a quarrel between a woman and a Pakistani the day before.

According to the information, the incident took place in the packaging plant of Tympaki when the Pakistani spoke badly to a woman and a Greek went and defended her while asking for the reason for his behavior.

The result was an attack by a group of Pakistanis.