Erdogan: “We challenge our enemies on land, sea, air”

“In the West, we won many victories, from the conquest of Belgrade to Cyprus”

The Turkish president exceeded all limits of provocation and stated characteristically: “Do the Greeks accept what will happen to them because of their ambitious and incompetent leaders?”

In fact, he addressed the French people with the same question: “Does the French know that they will pay because of their ambitious and incompetent leaders?”

He continued: “Threats against our rights and interests in the region, especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, have also been added to our fight against terrorism. The arrow has left the bow and will surely find its target. I firmly believe that there is no obstacle in Turkey’s steps, with God’s help. The real question is, can those standing before us in the Mediterranean make the same sacrifices? Turkey has never been an aggressive state in its history, it is one of the rare cases of a non-colonial state. They have seen our determination when it comes to protecting our rights. Both on the table and in the battlefield. We do not run away from the fights. For our independence. Turkey has never been a country that attacks other countries. August has taken its place in our history as a month of victories. In the West, we won many victories, from the conquest of Belgrade to Cyprus. The Great Victory today is a gift of August to our nation”.

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“We do not bow our heads to threats in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Earlier today, the Turkish president implied that the Greeks are “invaders”, although he avoided naming them, on the occasion of the national holiday of Victory against the Greeks in 1922.

“Of course it is no coincidence that those who tried to exclude our country from the Eastern Mediterranean and those who tried to invade our homeland a century ago, were the same invaders”, he said.