Govt eyes (mandatory) debit card in bid to limit cash payments

According to newspaper “Ta Nea”

According to newspaper “Ta Nea” a team of Greek government officials is considering the possibility where consumers will only be able to pay for transactions with a Debit card –not a credit card-, connected with the salary or payments of each consumer. According to the newspaper this approach is different since there are no added fines or punishments if someone fails to pay with a card, but is only reinforced with motives to do so.


According to the plan there is a scaled capital return for each transaction. Supermarkets receipts (which every household has aplenty…) will not yield bonuses, while incentives will be higher for services by doctors, plumbers, electricians, etc. As such, self-employed individuals will have to use POS machines in order to charge their clients’ cards.


The first step is considered to be the use of the plan on salaries of state employees. All state employees will receive debit cards, with a minimum transaction limit of 0.25 euros. The taxed individuals will redeem their capital returns across the year with their tax reports.