Dendias from Romania: We will not allow migration to be instrumentalized

“Thank you” to Romania for helping with the fires

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias sent messages in all directions during a joint press conference with his Romanian counterpart, Bogdan Aurescu, after their meeting in Bucharest.

Mr. Dendias thanked Romania for its help in extinguishing the catastrophic fires of August in our country, while he also made special reference to Giannos Kranidiotis, who was killed 22 years ago to the day during his visit to Bucharest for a meeting as Deputy Foreign Minister. “He was a pioneer of European integration and a strong supporter of EU enlargement, as well as of strengthening cooperation in South East Europe. “His ideals and principles guide us even today”, said Mr. Dendias.

Mr. Dendias from there onwards, referring to immigration, stressed that Greece is not going to allow it to be migration to be instrumentalized, adding that this is a challenge that European countries may soon face.

“We have witnessed similar moves many times in the past and I will make it clear to everyone that we will not allow this to happen again”, he said, pointing to Turkey. “Recent incidents on the borders of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania show that no European country is safe from this threat. Afghanistan may be geographically far away, but it is very, very close”, Dendias added.

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Mr. Dendias stressed the need for Greece and Romania to continue to build a society based on principles and values, with respect for international law and the Law of the Sea, principles that both countries serve “contrary to what others believe who are trying to revive the beginning of the 19th century”, he said pointing indirectly again to the side of Turkey.