Erdogan’s advisor loses it: “Greece is Lilliput, the Greeks are dwarfs & Turkey is Gulliver”

“President Erdogan told us the good news that Turkey will go into space. Thus, our forces will also conquer Space”!

Prof. Mesut Hakki Casin, an adviser to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on foreign policy issues, reached new extremes in his attempt to provoke Greece and France.

During an interview for the state television A Haber TV, he calls the Greeks and Greece “dwarfs” a “country dying of hunger”.

Prof. Casin also verbally attacked the EU, praising Turkey for being full of tourists.

“Europe has collapsed because of the coronavirus pandemic. In Europe, everyone is broke. Nobody has money in their pockets. We found gas. The Greeks do not”, he stated.

Speaking in football terms, Erdogan’s advisor provocatively stated that the score is 3-0 in favor of Turkey and it was about that time that he more or less lost it:

“We are 3 points ahead of Greece. France is also useless. It cannot sell its products like Israel. Greece will buy 18 airplanes, but we will buy 200. You have to see who has the money. Greece is hungry. I’m in Dalaman and planes keep landing and taking off. There are tourists everywhere. Nobody travels to Greece. There are no tourists. The Turks do not go there for fish and raki either. Greece is dying of hunger. I feel sorry for the Greeks. Greek soldiers in Kastelorizo ​​will starve to death if supplies do not arrive soon. This is because Kastelorizo ​​is supplied with food from Turkey. Greece knows all this. I watch the Greek media that broadcast that Turkey is strengthening its Navy. Yes. Turkey will build an aircraft carrier and a helicopter carrier. In fact, yesterday President Erdogan told us the good news that Turkey will go into space. Thus, in addition to land and sea, our forces will also conquer Space. With its skilled workforce, Turkey will enter the 10 strongest economies in the world in the next 15 years”.

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Casin’s delusion was completed with new threats against our country, likening Greece to Lilliput’s dwarf island (“Gulliver’s Travels”) and Turkey to the giant Gulliver.

“Greece says it has an island (Lilliput) for dwarves. On this dwarves’ island, it claims it will defeat the giant Gulliver with the tiny Lilliputians. Gulliver is Turkey and I say to the Greeks: You are dwarves! Greeks go fish”, he concluded…