New Turkish provocatively hilarious statement suggests Kastellorizo’s military guard is a threat to Turkey!

Is the representative of the ruling AKP, Omer Celik, expressing the fears of the Turkish Armed Forces?

In a post on Twitter, the representative of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkey, Omer Celik, attacked Greece for the presence of military forces in Kastellorizo, talking about a “pirate” action by the Greek side.

But Celik’s statement took a hilarious turn when he implied that the guard protecting the small island of Kastellorizo is practically a threat against Turkey…

“Greece’s attempt to fortify Kastellorizo ​​is a new example of piracy. Pointing your weapons at the Turkish coast is stupid. By taking these illegal (sic) steps, Greece has become a representative of pirate policies in the Aegean and the Mediterranean”, Celik said, accusing Athens of “sabotaging” diplomatic moves through its “pirate” actions.

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He repeated the well-known pattern of threats against Greece, but also against France. “Instead of solving problems through diplomacy on the basis of international law, it is Greece that sabotages diplomacy through pirate agreements. The consequences of these steps of Greece will be the violent failure… If you prefer to perform exercises with France instead of talking with Turkey you will find that this was wrong. Greece will learn that we have a strong response to every step it takes”, Celik concluded.