France sends clear warning to Turkey about rising tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean region

A joint military exercise between Greece, France, Italy and Cyprus in the region starts today

French Minister for the Armed Forces Florence Parly sent a clear message to Turkey over its belligerent actions in the Eastern Mediterranean stressing that the region could not become a theatre of exercising “national aspirations”.

“The Eastern Mediterranean is becoming a region of tension. Respect for international law should be the rule, not the exception,” the French Defence Minister pointed out in a tweet.

“Our message is simple: priority to dialogue, cooperation and diplomacy so that the eastern Mediterranean becomes an area of ​​stability and respect for international law,” she wrote.


She added that France would participate in a European military exercise in the region with three aircraft, a frigate and a helicopter, a clear message that the EU would not relinquish its presence and interests in the hot region.

In another tweet regarding the military exercise posted by the Minister of Defence of Cyprus, Charalambos Petridis, it confirmed a joint aeronautical action is taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean between Cyprus, Greece, France and Italy.

“A strong European footprint for peace and co-operation in the application of international law,” he said.

The four-day exercise called “Eunomia” in the south of Cyprus begins today and will last until next Friday, August 28.

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