EuroGroup: No agreement between IMF and EU on Greek debt

Discussion on Greek debt still ongoing

Following the end of deliberations at the EuroGroup meeting in Brussels, Thursday, on the progress of the Greek programme, government sources reported the climate was very positive given the staff level agreement last week.

The same source in the Greek Ministry of Finance said that the EU and the IMF showed a willingness to find common grounds on the debt relief issue with the target of reaching a complete solution on the debt issue on June 21.
The discussion at the EuroGroup is still ongoing.
Arriving at the EuroGroup earlier, several Eurozone finance ministers clarified that there was no convergence yet for Greece’s debt, with Slovakian Finance Minister Peter Kazimir announcing via his Twitter account that there will be no agreement on Greek debt tonight.

EuroGroup President Mario Centeno commented that the deal at a staff level last week was excellent news, but avoided making any comments of substance regarding the difference of opinions between the EU and the IMF.
However, the differences between Berlin and the International Monetary Fund seem unsurpassable as the German federal government is trying to find the best answer to the big dilemma of whether the IMF should be involved or not in the Greek programme.