Experts warn Macedonian businesses to register trademarks now

It may be too later already…


The president of the Central Macedonian branch of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece, Athanasios Saropoulos, warned that regional businesses -especially of the wider food sector- should have registered their trademarks prior to the ratification of the Prespa Agreement by Greece.

Saropoulos stated during a press conference that businesses risk finding themselves in a dire situation due to the provisions of Prespa Agreement regarding trademarks and businesses in the northern Greek region of Macedonia since the agreement does not protect in any way the Greek industry.

“Unfortunately, the recorded number of those who have begun the procedure to register their trademarks abroad remains small”, Saropoulos said.

He added that “businesses with unregistered trademarks need to realize that unless they register their trademarks immediately, it will be very difficult to win any disputes in the future”.

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