FYROM PM Zaev doubles down on his “Macedonian” language comment (video)

Zaev claimed the “Macedonian” language was protected under the Prespes Agreement

FYROM’s Prime Miniter Zoran Zaev doubled down on his position about the matter of ”Macedonian” ethnicity and “Macedonian language”, during a public debate on the Prespes Agreement.

Only a few days after his statements before FYROM’s parliament when he had alluded to the prospect of the ”Macedonian” language being taught in Greece, Mr Zaev appeared unyielding and reiterated his provocative rhetoric.

“We are ‘Macedonians’ and we speak ‘Macedonian’. No one will question it again,” Zaev underlined, posting the relevant part of his video on Facebook.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that “the name Republic of Northern Macedonia is only a geographical definition,” adding that the “Macedonian” identity and “Macedonian” language are protected (under the Prespes Agreement) more than ever.