Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn members convicted of running criminal group

Golden Dawn was found guilty of being a criminal organization


The leadership of Greece’s neo-Nazi party has been convicted of running a criminal organisation by Greek justice.

Big crowds gathered outside the court in Athens as the judges gave verdicts on 68 defendants.

Leader Nikos Michaloliakos and six colleagues were convicted of heading a criminal group. Supporter Giorgos Roupakias was found guilty of murdering an anti-racist musician and 15 others were convicted of conspiracy in the case.

Some 2,000 police were deployed around Athens Appeals Court as thousands of protesters demanded long jail terms.

UPDATE: Clashes took place between some of the people outside the court and the anti-riot police.

Golden Dawn was found guilty of being a criminal organization.


Today is expected the courts’ decision regarding the Greek political party of Golden Dawn.

After 5,5 years the huge trial is coming to an end with the neo-nazi party accused of being a criminal organization among other things.

Outside the courtroom there are thousands of people protesting and demanding that the court finds the defendants guilty of all charges.

Many politicians are with them such as former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

There is presence a strong presence of anti-riot police forces.

It should be noted that no Coronavirus precautions are taken by the people participating in the rally outside the court, something that may have serious consequences to the  fight against the pandemic.