Greece – Heatwave: Call for proper use of water & electricity

What is planned for employees

Extraordinary measures to protect workers in view of the multi-day heatwave that is already sweeping the country, announced the Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis, after the meeting at the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

The measures will be specified by the Ministry of Labor. According to Mr. Chrysochoidis, the readiness of the competent services will stand in four points.

The first has to do with the fires with the implementation of the Iolaos Plan, where the fire brigade and the local government are all on standby.

The second point concerns the operation of infrastructure.

The third concerns vulnerable groups and the fourth the protection of public and private sector workers.

Mr. Chrysochoidis spoke about specific emergency measures for the prevention against the heat which will be announced within the day. Regarding the prevention of fires, he said that the Police is also entering the battle and will conduct continuous patrols throughout the territory in order to locate any outbreaks of fire.

He stressed that the state mechanism is in a “state of readiness for all relevant actions”, in order to ensure the “uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure that supports the operation of the state, such as electricity and water supply.”

He called on the citizens to “targeted use of electricity and water, so that there is no problem”.

Regarding the impending heatwave, Mr. Chrysochoidis appealed to the citizens for proper use of electricity and water supply network.

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Also, regarding the protection of workers from the heat, he said that statements from the Ministry of Labor will follow. As it was emphasized, instructions have been given to the municipalities for the accommodation in air-conditioned areas of the homeless, while the citizens were appealed to avoid unnecessary movements.

Among other things, Mr. Chrysochoidis appealed not to use the Emergency Lane.

On the part of the head of the National Meteorological Service, Thodoris Kolydas, said that the service will issue continuous updates since temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius are expected, in places and higher. “The peak of the heat wave is Monday-Tuesday. From Wednesday, the wave will subside, but the temperatures will be maintained at high levels”, noted Mr. Kolydas.