Economics Professor: UFOs could be a big deal for the economy

Taking UFOs seriously

The Pentagon is reportedly getting ready to unleash a flood of still-unreleased data on several run-ins with “unidentified aerial phenomena” that Navy pilots have had dating back to at least 2004 (the release will happen later this year). Congress even set up an entire taskforce to investigate whether the incidents represent an actual threat.

In other words? The US is finally starting to take UFOs seriously. And with that shift, experts are starting to grapple with some pretty big questions.

In a tongue-in-cheek opinion piece for Bloomberg titled “If the Pentagon Takes UFOs Seriously, So Should Markets,” economist Tyler Cowen examined the possible effects the discovery of aliens among our midst could have on global markets.

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Cowen’s prediction: “Most market prices won’t move very much.” Markets may become a little more volatile with little green men strolling around, but with no actual threat to our personal wealth and investments, the numbers wouldn’t budge much.

“If aliens really are among us, they do not seem determined to influence the course of worldly events,” Cowen writes.

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