Greece: Caroline was murdered by her husband!

Crime that shook Greece takes a horrible turn

Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, the husband of 20-year-old Caroline Krauts, is according to the information available to the police her killer.

The unbelievable turn that the case took brings the pilot from the position of devastated husband and father to the position of the accused for one of the most notorious murder cases of recent years, leaving the public speechless.

The facts that according to the police substantiate the guilt of the 32-year-old pilot come mainly from the analysis of the data from the camera, the couple’s mobile phones, but also the biometric clock of the 20-year-old mother that showed the real time of death which did not coincide with what Babis Anagnostopoulos had testified.


– The data that emerged from Babis Anagnostopoulos’ mobile phone showed that he had not told the truth: An application on his mobile phone that records the steps, showed that at the time he claimed that he was tied up, he was walking.

– The memory card in the security camera was removed at 1.20 at night, while the “robbers” allegedly entered the house three hours later. The last recording on camera was around 12.30 on the fateful night and shows the pilot sitting with the baby in the living room of the house.

– Caroline’s biometric clock recorded increased pulses and then no vital signs much earlier than the time the pilot had placed her murder. According to information, the couple seems to have been arguing that night and in fact, they allegedly did not get along for months with Caroline being determined to leave with the child.

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