Two Greek islands in best-hidden of the Mediterranean: Telegraph

Karpathos and Alonissos are the two islands worth visiting

British media outlet Telegraph included the Greek islands of Karpathos and Alonissos in its top 20 holiday destinations in the “secret Mediterranean”, ie off the beaten paths on the travel map in a piece titled “Secret Mediterranean: where to stay on the best-hidden islands”.

The article suggests taking a hike along the wild paths of Karpathos (as a substitute for Crete) and the Greek summer in Alonissos (as a substitute for Skiathos), in the 20 best holiday experiences in sought-after Mediterranean destinations.

The walking tour of the paths of Karpathos is the ideal alternative to popular island destinations of Greece that attract droves of tourists. Karpathos, although located between Crete and Rhodes does not have the profile of these islands, and is suitable for those who want to go hike on quiet trails, or swimming in the local Marine Park located in the north of the island.

Telegraph proposes a week-long stay at Avra ​​Studios on Fragolimnionas beach, departing from Gatwick Airport on September 4 via Sunvil, at a cost starting at 30 1,302 per person.

For Alonissos, in the northern Sporades, the piece dubs it the quiet ‘sibling’ of Skiathos and Skopelos. Its slopes are covered by almond trees, olive trees, and vineyards, giving off that classic form of a Greek island where daily life flows at a very slow and enjoyable pace. Ideally, on a rooftop tavern, at sunset, as the newspaper reports.

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