Greece in bilateral talks with countries for opening of inbound foreign flights

The number of flights domestically will most likely increase on May 18

Greek authorities are considering plans to increase the number of domestic flights from May 18, as part of the gradual easing of Covid-19 measures.

According to daily “Kathimerini”, additional flights will serve the public from that date onwards, and not only limited for specified reasons as is the case today.

Competent Transport and Infrastructure Minister Kostas Karamanlis outlined that May 18 was being considered in an interview to SKAI TV, adding that an alternative could be May 25.

He stressed that the exact date allowing more domestic flights would depend on the progression of the disease. As he said, a similar approach concerned the opening of the restaurant, for which, despite the fact that the last date is June 1, May 25 cannot be ruled out.

Flights abroad

Regarding foreign flights, Mr. Karamanlis said yesterday that efforts are being made to find a solution at a European level, but stressed that if Europe does not find a solution, Greece is already in contact with other countries for bilateral agreements. He also noted that the prime minister has set a goal to open the country to tourism on July 1, and for that to happen, flights must start earlier.