Greece to extend fence on borders with Turkey to 40km at Evros

The government wants to send a clear message of deterrence

The Greek government decided to extend the length of the current fence at Evros on the borderline with Turkey to 40km from 12.5km in an effort to prevent the invasion into greek territory by thousands of migrants gathered at the Greek-Turkish border, following Erdogan’s decision to allow free access to Europe for migrants.

According to reports by daily Kathimerini and Eleftheros Typos, the goal is to cover border holes and reinforce the message send  and to provide an additional deterrent beyond what Kyriakos Mitsotakis and government officials are reporting.

The new portions of the fence are planned to be partially erected either in areas where the Evros waters are low or in areas where there are sections of land favourable to crossing.

The sections planned to receive reinforcement include Ormenio, Gardens, Feres, Tichero, Soufli, Dikea, Dilofo, Marassia, Nea Vyssia.