Greek and Turkish fighter jets engage in dog fights over Aegean Sea again, as Turkey violates airspace 65 times!

Greek defending aircraft intercept invading planes

Turkey continued its policy of constant provocations towards Greece after it violated Greek airspace a total of 65 times in a single day. On six occasions the Greek and Turkish aircraft engaged in dog fights, as the invading Turkish jets refused to comply and leave the Greek national airspace. The situation over the Aegean Sea was very serious during the interceptions by the defending Greek fighters as 8 of the Turkish aircraft were armed. More specifically, 16 Turkish F-16 fighter jets and 2 F-4 planes in formations of 6 entered Greek airspace 29 times in the northeast, central and southeast regions of the Aegean Sea, while 4 CN-235 reconnaissance airplanes were involved in 36 violations of the national airspace of Greece. The Greek Air force scrambled 11 aircraft to intercept the aggressor planes. Three dog fights between the aircraft occurred south of Rhodes, east of the island in two separate instances, west of the island of Lesvos and south of the island of Chios.