Greek couple fights fiercely in Germany & the woman rams the man’s car! (video)

Someone is angry…

The fight of a Greek couple in Germany goes viral, showing in addition to the vulgar insults between them, the out of control reaction of the woman who rams the man’s car with her jeep!

According to what has been known, the incident took place in Germany.

As seen in the video that was first uploaded to Facebook, the man tries to open the door of the jeep with no success. Then he gets in his vehicle continuing the swearing. The then woman out of control rams with her jeep the man’s vehicle repeatedly, trapping him in the wall.

Then she gets out of her jeep and shouts “give me the keys to the house” and without hesitation she opens the door of the man’s car, enters and the quarrel continues.

She gets out of the vehicle, gets in her jeep and shouting “bastard” and rams his car once again.

At the time when all this is happening, a citizen who lives in an apartment in the area captures everything that is happening and when the situation reached the point of no return, he is heard shouting that he will call the Police.

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