Greek-Cypriot teen takes down Turkish flag in occupied Turkish-Cypriot town (video)

The video is receiving wide coverage in Turkish media

A video purportedly showing of a Greek-Cypriot teenager taking down the Turkish flag from a flagpole in the schoolyard of a primary school in the occupied part of northern Cyprus has been circulating in Turkish media.

As the “authorities” in the occupied part of north Cyprus claim, last Sunday 8/9/2019 a 16-year-old Greek Cypriot student entered the schoolyard of the town of Lysi Primary School and lowered the Turkish flag from the pole.

According to CNN Turk, the 16-year-old allegedly went to the occupied town of Lysi with his fellow villagers, where for the first time since 1974 the Divine Liturgy was performed at the Church of Our Lady.

The video released by the Closed Circuit at the Primary School, now called “Fazil Kucuk,” shows the 16-year-old entering the yard and heading for the flagpole. He climbs up the pole and takes down the Turkish flag.

Turkish media also say that before he lowered the Turkish flag from the yard, he also removed a portrait of Rauf Denktas from a school classroom.

The “authorities” in north Cyprus are investigating the incident and are trying to identify the 16-year-old, while Turkish Cypriot and Turkish media are hyping up the incident with extensive coverage.

Last Sunday, the occupation authorities allowed displaced Greek-Cypriot residents of Lysi to perform Divine Liturgy in the church of the occupied town, located 150 meters from the primary school where the alleged incident with the Turkish flag occurred.

The Liturgy was held in an especially emotionally charged atmosphere.