Greek James Bond girl, Tonia – I enjoy going for walks in graveyards (video)

The most boring question she received was “What the experience of playing in a Bond movie was like”

James Bond girl, Tonia Sotiropoulou revealed she enjoyed taking a stroll in the cemetery because it gave her a sense of quiet and peace.

In an interview, she gave to Skai TV, the 33-year-old Skyfall actress, responded to a series of questions providing some unknown details about her life.

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The well-known actress revealed, among other things, the most boring question she had to reply to over and over during interviews, which was “What the experience of playing in a Bond movie was like”.

“Clearly I still go for a walk in the cemeteries as in any quiet place”, she responded to another question.

On the scariest moment she had felt, Tonia said it was when a fan who had registered at the gym she was attending, whom she was aware was commenting on her social media, ‘a bit of an extreme personality’, waited for her downstairs at the gym and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her. “It was scary ”.