Greek Orthodox Bishop acquitted of hate speech charges against homosexuals

The court of Aigio acquitted Metropolitan of Aegialia and Kalavryta, Amvrosios

The court of Aigio acquitted Metropolitan of Aegialia and Kalavryta, Amvrosios on charges of hate speech and incitement to violence against homosexuals in a post he had uploaded to his personal blog.
The acquittal of the Orthodox priest was proposed by the prosecutor of the seat of the Aigio court.
The two Mayors Aegialia Mr Panagopoulos and Kalavryta Mr Lazaras testified in his favour, pointing pointed out that the Metropolitan had done great work in their two municipalities, saying that a number of community shelters supported by the Church like, “Stéki of Love”, “Kallimanopouleio”, the Social clothing warehouse, the “Cellar of Love” were all accessed by homosexual people who had benefited from clothing and food. According to sources, in his court statement, Amvrosios argued that “no one spat on anyone and no one attacked anyone because I said so. I should not be accused. ”

Some of the controversial statement he made in his post included that resulted in citizens suing him for hate speech and homophobia are:

– For a person who dressed up as a priest in a Pride (there was a photo): “If I had a gun and the law permitted, I would use it to get it over with”.
– “Homosexuals are not God’s children. They are accepted only if they repent”.
– God is repulsed by all of these (homosexuals)
– The law made by the state recognising homosexuality is wrong under the law of God.
– I am talking about those who are in the church. The others I do not care about. They can deal with the devil. They can get lost.

– My subject is homosexuality. Indirectly touching homosexuals. They have the problem. ‘Spit them’ was a metaphor, meaning show contempt to them.