Greek PM tells Albanian counterpart to ensure Greek minority rights

The two men met in New York

Greek Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with Albanian counterpart Edi Ram in New York and discussed matters of bilateral relations between the two nations as well as the prospect of Albania’s accession to the European Union ahead of the October European Council.

The two men focused particularly on the necessary steps Albanian needs to take, including those relating to the rights of the Greek national minority, to meet the conditions set by the EU for accession.

Mr. Mitsotakis emphasised the issue of self-determination and the property rights of the Greek ethnic minority in Albania.

In this context, Mr. Rama expressed his readiness to cooperate with Greece on issues of particular interest to our country.

The Greek Prime Minister stressed that he was in favour of the Western Balkans’ accession prospects, provided all the conditions set by the European Union were met.

Mitsotakis and Rama agreed to move ahead with talks on bilateral relations, on the sidelines of the Euro-Arab Summit in Athens on 29-30 October 2019.