Greek-Turkish round of talks ends after 3 hours

The Greek delegation will brief PM Mitsotakis

The exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey that took place in Constantinople (Istanbul) has come to an end. They lasted for about three hours – from 11 to 14:00 at noon.

The Greek delegation, led by Ambassador Pavlos Apostolidis, is expected to leave Turkey at around 15:00 to return to Athens.

In the informal – non-binding – discussions between the Greek and Turkish diplomatic delegations, which took place in the “Dolma Bahce” in Constantinople, each side reportedly presented its own version of the issues that should be included in the agenda of the talks that will follow.

It was the 61st round of so-called exploratory contacts agreed to restart in order to attempt to bring the discussion between Athens and Ankara on the burning issues of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean back on track.

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Ambassadors Apostolidis and Koufiou are expected to brief Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, later today or tomorrow, as well as Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias (who is in Brussels for meetings with the Commission leadership and the NATO Secretary-General) on the Turkish positions.

So far, there is no information on the substance of the talks, nor on the issues that the Turkish side raised regarding what should be included in the agenda of the talks. The response of the Greek side to the views of the Turks is expected to be developed in the next, the 62nd, round of exploratory contacts which is scheduled to take place on Greek soil. The development of Turkish positions in response to Greek arguments is also expected at this meeting.