Gyms to open on May 31 – The complete dates and sectors to open

All economic activities are subject to 50% vaccination of staff etc

Gyms and wellness centres will open on May 31, as the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis announced on Thursday presenting the timetable of the gradual resumption of normal economic activity in various sectors.

As the official statement read:

“As I promised last week, we are announcing a full schedule of activities that have not yet started, so that all businesses have the timing and ability to adjust and get started.”

In particular, the following sectors will resume activities on the dates:

May 14

Casinos/According to the health protocol.
➢ Dating agencies/According to the health protocol (1 / 25- mask- distance 2 meters- avoidance of physical contact- fixed appointment- self-test

May 24

Betting OPAP PLAY / According to the health protocol

May 31

➢ Gyms / According to the health protocol and population ratio 1/10 sqm- 2 self-tests/employees. Wellness services/ According to the operating rules of the Aesthetics Centres.
➢ Catering, reception areas, etc / Outdoors according to the rules of catering

June 7

Brothels / According to the health protocol of 2020

When 50% of the adult population is vaccinated

Catering / Operation indoors with coverage of 70% of capacity
➢ Amusement parks – trade fairs, etc / Operation with the health protocol of the outdoor trade
➢ Playgrounds / Operation with the health protocol

September 1st

Trade Fairs / According to the health protocol

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