Greek doctor taken to mental hospital after telling people not to get the Covid-19 jab

The doctor was part of the team responsible for the Covid-19 vaccination process at Lamia

A doctor who was a member of the vaccination process at the Lamia Health Centre and was urging people to refrain from taking the Covid-19 vaccine was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

According to LamiaReport, the woman’s mother submitted a request for an involuntary psychiatric examination of her daughter to the police station of Volos, saying she was concerned about her health.

The Lamia Prosecutor’s Office ordered the doctor be examined by psychiatrists of the Public Hospital as provided by law. The woman was examined both at the Lamia Hospital and at the on-duty Psychiatric Hospital in Athens, where she was treated on Wednesday night after arriving by an ambulance escorted by a police car.

Both psychiatrists agreed that she should remain at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica for follow-up tests and treatment.

The doctor had been removed from the Director of the Lamia Hospital, Elias Karageorgos, from the vaccination procedure, and with the intervention of the head of the 5th Health Authority region, Fotis Seretis, she was referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Health District.