Hilarious! Six French fans travel to Bucharest instead of Budapest for Euro 2020 match

They wanted to watch the France-Hungary match

Let’s be honest, at some point during our high school years, we all probably flunked some lesson or another. But these six French fans at the Euro 2020 were definitely not paying attention during geography classes it seems.

The buddies wanted to support their national teams in the Euro 2020 match against Hungary but mixed up two European capitals, Budapest and Bucharest. They travelled to the Romanian capital instead of the Hungarian one, where the French were playing Hungary of Group F on Saturday, as Romanian newspaper Jurnalul National reports.

All six realised their blunder on the same Saturday after landing and taking a bus downtown while drinking beer with Ukrainian fans who travelled to Bucharest for Monday’s Ukraine-Austria (Group C). Not even the Ukrainian flags or the Romanian language they were hearing on the bus hinted to them they were in the place.

Once they finally became aware they were in the wrong country, the six fans of the “Bleus” decided to stay in Bucharest until this Wednesday, when France faces Portugal in Budapest in the last game of the group.

“We have to learn more about Europe”, said one of the members of the group.