Holy Church Synod: “No” to the name Macedonia, “rallies are commendable”

Greek Orthodox Synod releases statement on Macedonia issue

In a clear and unequivocal manner, the Permanent Holy Synod underlined that the Orthodox Church did not accept the term “Macedonia” or its derivative as a constituent of the name of FYROM. Moreover, such a development would have an impact on the name of the schismatic self-proclaimed church of “Macedonia”.
“Because the name ‘Macedonia’ encompasses and culminates the irredentist outlook of the state of Skopje State”, says the clear excerpt in the statement released by the Synod.

On the issue of whether it supports the rallied in favour of the Macedonian matter the statement said: ”The Church of Greece, a pioneer throughout the ages in the struggles of the Nation, believes that every expression of defence of the rights of Macedonia is praiseworthy, as long as it is genuine, unselfish and pious, and always in the spirit of a legitimate and democratic expression. Therefore, in the context of the freedom of expression of its Clergy and Peoples, it (Church) respects their right to act with conscience, with prudence and responsibility.”

Thirdly, the members of the Holy Synod stress that the Church is not involved in political processes, nor does it accept political gambling at its expense, a reference that can be interpreted as directed both at the government for attempting to exploit the recent Tsipra-Ieronymos meeting presenting the Archbishop as being against the rallies for Skopje, but also as a message to those who argued that the Church was aligning itself with the position of the extreme right.