“I would rather die from coronavirus than stay at home with my wife”, elderly Greek says (hilarious video)

It was all in humour, of course

An elderly gentleman from the town of Kalamata said he would rather die of the coronavirus outside than stay at home with his wife. As the strict measures in Greece have taken effect, centred around staying at home and avoiding the outdoors, some people defied the authorities’ instructions and went outside to get some fresh air.

As a reporter approached an old man to explain why he had disregarded the measures, the white-haired man responded tongue in cheek that he preferred to die outside from the coronavirus, as he had another “coronavirus” at home, his wife, and did not want to die locked up.

Let’s hope she hasn’t seen the video, because otherwise…he will probably be locked out for good!

As expected the video got thousands of likes and shares on social media in a short matter of time.



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